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DH Labs Silver Sonic D-110 AES/EBU 1 meter Digital cable Nerve Audio Viscera Copper Litz Wire Headshell Leads Phono Set of 4
DH Labs Silver Sonic D-110 XLR-M to XLR-F AES/EBU Digital Audio Cable. We Stock this cable in all lengths.
Buy with confidence. We are a FACTORY AUTHORIZED DH LABS dealer.
100% authentic DH Labs Cable.
Color: Burgundy
Diameter: 6.5 mm
Connectors: DH Labs Ultimate XLR
The Silver Sonic D-110 is a precision 110 Ohm AES/EBU type balanced digital interface cable. 110 Ohm digital cables are most often used to carry digital audio data from A/D converters to digital tape transports in recording studios. They are also used between CD transports and D/A converters in home hi-fi systems as an alternative to the more common S/PDIF 75 Ohm coaxial interface. 110 Ohm cables are terminated with XLR connectors.
The Silver Sonic D-110 was designed to be a state-of-the-art, no compromise product. We feel it’s sonic performance equals or exceeds all other cables of this type, regardless of price. This level of performance is achieved by combining the finest materials available with the highest level of quality control.
A critical goal for any digital interface cable is to maintain a uniform characteristic impedance. This is achieved in the D-110 through the use of a pure PTFE insulation whose thickness is held to a tolerance of .002 inch (.05 mm). The material is extruded under pressure in order to maintain maximum consistency, which minimizes a phenomenon called "VSWR spikes", a cause of jitter.
Other features of the D-110 include silver coated conductors for improved conductivity, solid rod spacers to maintain a constant impedance, and 100% shield coverage to eliminate noise and interference. Our custom D.H. Labs XLR connectors feature direct-gold-plated, pure OFC copper contact pins, far exceeding industry standards.
If your audio system has the ability to utilize the 110 Ohm digital interface, we recommend auditioning the D-110 before investing large sums of money in other cables. Several recording and mastering studios have already selected the D-110 as their cable of choice.

set of 4 Nerve Audio VISCERA high quality solid copper headshell leads. The Viscera leads are constructed using 7 strand enameled OFHC (oxygen-free high-purity copper) wires which are then silk wrapped and twisted into a Litz geometry. These delicate wires are then hand soldered to high quality CNC machined 14K gold-plated connectors. These machined connectors are designed to pressure fit on most popular cartridge and headshell pins while providing a positive contact surface to preserve small, delicate signals emanating from phono cartridges. The increased signal integrity not only helps to achieve better balance and tonality, but will help any quality level cartridge perform at its best.
Give your phono turntable a simple but effective upgrade today and hear what you've been missing!

DH Labs Q-10 bi-wired Speaker cables 12' PAIR DH Labs Silver Sonic D-750 RCA to RCA Digital Audio Cable
PAIR of DH Labs Q-10 speaker cables 12 feet long, bi-wired and are factory terminated with spades on all ends.
The combination of two 12 gauge and two 14 gauge conductors equates to a robust 10 gauge cable with an abundance of application flexibility. The cable can be run as a straight stereo pair or as an internal bi-wired pair. Each of these applications allows the listener to experience the impressive imaging and completely neutral tonal balance, which are a hallmark of the DH Labs cables. Exemplary background detailing, and a richer, fuller harmonic structure surround the extended bass response that one would expect from a 10-gauge cable.
The Q-10 Signature is manufactured in the U.S.A. to standards that exceed military specifications. Every spool is carefully tested before leaving the factory. We invite you to audition the Q-10 Signature today, and hear what many audiophiles consider the ultimate speaker cable.
DH Labs Silver Sonic D-750 0.5 Meter RCA to RCA Digital Audio Cable. We Stock this cable in all lengths.
100% authentic DH Labs Cable.
The new Silver Sonic D-750 is an ultra-low loss digital coaxial cable that has been engineered to deliver precision 75 ohm signal transmission. It replaces the popular D-75 and improves upon that cable’s well-regarded ability to accurately transmit today’s complex and sensitive digital signals. The most common use for this cable is to connect the digital output of a CD or DVD transport to an outboard Digital to Analog converter or other processor. Several features built into this product make it superior for digital audio use.

A solid, silver-coated center conductor is used to maintain the most uniform impedance. A solid conductor minimizes signal reflections, a characteristic that is crucial to accurate digital data transmission. This center conductor is encased in DH Labs’ proprietary Air-PTFE Matrix dielectric, featuring an astonishingly low dielectric constant of 1.4. This material yields the lowest loss and most uniform attenuation versus frequency curve of any dielectric material.

Noise rejection is maximized by a 2 Layer shield. This provides 100% coverage for complete noise immunity. The combination of an aluminum Mylar shield and a heavy braid keeps ground resistance as low as possible. The braid is precision wound with carefully controlled tension to minimize a phenomenon called “VSWR spikes”, more commonly referred to as jitter.

The result of these efforts is a cable that delivers precise signal transmission with optimal balance and superior dynamics to well beyond 2 Gigahertz. The D-750 is available in bulk, or skillfully hand-terminated with our matching coaxial RCA-750 connector. For maximum performance, 75 ohm BNC connectors are also available.
Continuing with the DH Labs tradition of providing maximum value, the D-750 costs much less than its superior performance level would suggest.

Color: Black

Diameter: 7.6 mm

Connectors: DH Labs RCA-750 plugs

Analysis Plus Oval 9 Speaker Cable (Stereo Pair)
1 Pair of ANALYSIS PLUS Oval 9 Speaker Cables (STEREO PAIR Configuration)
Factory terminated with gold plated spade connectors. This cable is also available in various gold or silver factory terminated options including T1 Spade, Banana, Pin, Standard Spade, Barrier Spade, Butt Plug as well as Speakon™ connectors for PA and professional applications. Just contact us prior to purchasing to check on availability and pricing.
Buy with confidence. We are an authorized Factory Analysis Plus Dealer /Reseller.
100% authentic Analysis Plus Cable.
Oval 9 is a massive 9 gauge speaker cable capable of handling deep bass notes played at high volume.
This add is for the STANDARD STEREO configuration. Please check out our other adds for the externally bi-wired version of this cable.

Color: Clear jacket over black mesh shielding.

Outer Dimensions: 20mm x 8mm

Today's Super Deal!

Monster Cable Monster Lock Bananas MT-B

Our Price: $9.00
Monster Cable Monster Lock Bananas MT-B
New Monster Cable Monster Lock banana pair. These are the bananas that thread on all Monster Cable speaker cables with the "Monster Lock designation.

• 24k gold contact for optimum signal transfer.
• Conical surface design for reduced resistance, better signal transfer, and superior sonic performance.
• Precision-machined flat-surfaced undersides for gas-tight connection.
• Nine separate beryllium-copper leaf spring contact points for maximum signal transfer.